Camber Steady

More efficient vision through image stability

Camber Steady is a premium progressive lens with unique architecture. On the front surface,
the Camber lens blank provides the ideal base curve in each area of the lens, offering unbeatable visual quality.
The back surface utilizes a personalized progressive digital design developed using an
innovative method called, Steady, which dramatically reduces lateral distortions.

Steady Method

Steady Method, only available in the Camber Steady lens, uses a strict control of the mean power which practically eliminates the spherical error in the lateral areas of the lens, and achieves a significant reduction of the maximum astigmatism lobes, offering the wearer improved lateral vision with superior image stability.

Features & Benefits

  • Dual-sided personalized daily use progressive lens
  • Better image stability, even in dynamic conditions thanks to Steady Methodology
  • Swim effect minimization and unbeatable peripheral vision
  • Superior optics thanks to Camber™ technology
  • High precision and personalization thanks to Digital Ray-Path® technology
  • Variable inset
  • Thickness reduction
Ideal wearer

Experienced or novice progressive wearers who are looking for a premium lens and need extended visual fields and minimum lateral distortion

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