BlueCut is unlike other blue light protection products in today’s marketplace in several ways.

  • The UV Ray and HEV Blue Light Protection comes from the lens material
  • BlueCut is not a coating like some other products on the market and does not have a purple or blue reflective colour that some may object
  • BlueCut does not have a yellow, orange or peach colour pigment like some other products on the market that some may object
  • BlueCut is available in 1.50 and 1.60
  • BlueCut is compatible with Emerald and QualiCote and can be ordered with or without
  • BlueCut is available in SV Surfaced , Office, Internal, Genius, IQ, Alpha and Mobile
  • BlueCut is available in SV Finished with a ARC Zaphire Coating

BlueCut selectively filters the damaging HEV Blue Light which studies show may lead to Digital Eye Strain, cause permanent eye damage and increase the risk of AMD (Age – Related Macular Degeneration). At the same time , BlueCut allows for the good Blue Light (Blue Turquoise) which is known to positively regulate circadian rhythm, memory and cog- nitive function, elevate moods and boost alertness.

Some of the leading Blue Light products on the market are coatings which reflect the Blue Light. BlueCut absorbs and filters the Blue light. Leading Blue Light coatings in the market reflect approximately 20% of Blue Light at 420nm where BlueCut absorbs approximately 90%. At 430nm, leading Blue Light Coatings reflect approximately 13% of Blue Light where BlueCut absorbs approximately 40%. At 450nm, leading Blue light coatings reflect approximately 5% of blue Light where BlueCut absorbs about 11%.

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